CLI Quick Start

Note: The DEPLOY CLI has not yet reached version 1.0, some commands will change and new commands will be added before 1.0

The DEPLOY CLI allows you to fetch information about your DEPLOY nodes, create new nodes, and delete existing nodes all from you command line.

To install the early-access edition of the DEPLOY CLI:

  1. Install nodejs version 11 or later.
  2. Install the DEPLOY CLI globally using npm: npm install -g @radar/deploy-cli
  3. Log in to your DEPLOY account with deploy login
  4. Create a new DEPLOY node using deploy node:create and following the prompts.
  5. List your DEPLOY nodes using deploy node:ls
  6. Delete DEPLOY nodes using deploy node:delete
  7. Find help with commands using deploy help or deploy help <command>

GIF Examples


Create, List, and Delete