DEPLOY nodes support WebSocket endpoints for Pub/Sub APIs and JSON-RPC filter support as well as the regular JSON-RPC API.


DEPLOY WebSockets are supported on all clients that natively support WebSocket connections. Your node's WebSocket endpoint is available by clicking Connect to Node in your node detail view. Simply use this wscat command into your WebSocket-capable client to access your chain daemon.

Example: an Ethereum node's Connect to Node modal

WebSocket Authentication Example (Parity)

First off, make sure you have wscat installed already. If you don't have it installed, you can run the following npm command.

npm install -g wscat

Open WebSocket connection

wscat -c wss://

Initiate Subscription: 

{"jsonrpc":"2.0", "id": 1, "method": "eth_subscribe", "params": ["newPendingTransactions"]}


Your Node will require the use of an API Key to authenticate your request against your subscription. Simply include the  apikey GET parameter with your WebSocket connections as illustrated in your node’s Connect to Node modal example.

Client-Specific WebSocket Documentation